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I am getting some good questions, so here are some of the answers pertaining to 10-10-15 The 20th Anniversary To The Million Man March "Justice Or Else" chartered bus trip.


Sponsor a child to this once in a lifetime event!


Men, women, children of all racial backgrounds are invited!


We will fill up one bus at a time. Fifty (55) seats are available. We plan to have more than one bus to represent Fayetteville, NC.


$60 per person


Departure:  Friday 12 Midnight, October 9th at Bright Young Minds Academy, 6039 Morganton Rd.


Return:  Late Saturday Night/Early Sunday Morning October 10th/11th



***There will be plenty of parking and somebody to check on our vehicles throughout the night. 



***Medical forms, contact forms, and other necessary paperwork will be filled out in case of personal/health emergency.


I attended the 10th Anniversary in 2005 and it was an awesome experience. I met so many entertainers, journalist, civil rights leaders, popular college professors, and on and on an on! It was amazing because everybody was so humble and supportive.


The bus will make numerous stops to eat along the way. 

Plenty of food vendors and merchandise vendors will be available.


***No weapons are allowed and if you know the law in Washington, DC guns are outlawed. Everybody will be searched with a metal detector before being allowed to get on the bus.


***Foldable chairs will be allowed to be transported in the luggage area of the bus. Bring a book bag. Remember it's only a 24-30 hour trip.


***There will be an orientation meeting a few days before the trip.

Anymore questions please inbox me! Thank you!! This will be historical for all of us!


Patience & Peace

Bus Information

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